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Clogged drains?

You may need a professional plumber to get those drains cleaned.

See tips on do-it-yourself drain cleaning. For stubborn cases, call Santa Cruz Plumbing at (831) 425-1131. We provide fast, efficient and affordable drain cleaning services.

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Whether you have a slow drain or you're pipes are completely backed up, Santa Cruz Plumbing clears all types of clogs in kitchens, bathrooms, floor drains, and sewers. Clear pipes are an important part of plumbing maintenance in your home or business. In the kitchen, main causes of clogged drains are grease, soap, fat and detergent buildup. Leading causes of bathroom clogs are hair, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper and sanitary products.

Common causes of clogged drains


The number one offender of clogged bathroom sink and shower drains is hair. A preventative measure is to use filters or strainers that catch the hair before going down the drain.


Grease from pots, pans and dishes, is the top cause of drain clogs in the kitchen. Warm grease goes down the drain as a liquid but solidifys as it cools down and can build up in your plumbing systems over time. Never pour grease down the drain! It can help to occasionally pour boiling water down the drain. This breaks down and washes out grease build-up.


Food is also a common cause of drain clogs. Lots of food build up over time can cause poor drainage. It's a good idea to use a sink strainer to prevent food from building up in the pipes.


Feminine products, too much toilet paper, and paper towels can cause unruly clogged drains. Toilets and pipes are not built to handle mass amounts of paper products- especially thicker paper products that don't break down quickly. Toilet paper is made to break down quickly so small to moderate amounts are fine to use.


Surprisingly, toys are a big offender of plumbing drain issues. Educate your children and limit their access to toilets and drains to avoid the high cost of curious kids!

Tips for do-it-yourself drain cleaning

Check your garbage disposal

If the side of the sink with the garbage disposal has stoppage, it's possible the disposal is clogged. If you turn on the disposal and hear a low humming noise, it could be jammed. When working on your garbage disposal, be sure to unplug the disposal to avoid injury.

Use a plunger

If plunging a double sink, seal the unclogged side with a wash cloth. Plunge the bad side vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Pop the plunger up when releasing to help break the clog free.

Clean out the p-trap

Disassemble the p-trap from under the sink. Clean out build-up and debris. Inspect for cracks or excessive wear and replace if necessary.

Snake the line

If the above methods don't solve the issue, snaking the line may be necessary. You will want to use a bucket and gloves for this task. Remove anything obstructing the drain such as filters or hair traps. Push the snake cable into drain or pipe. Lower the cable until you reach the clog. Try to hook the clog with snake and pull out slowly. Test by running water to see if it drains quickly. It may take a few moments as the water washes away any leftover debris in the pipe.

When to call a plumber

If you've tried the above techniques and still can't clear your clogged drain, it's time to call a professional. Professional plumbers are trained and have special equipment to clear any clog.

At Santa Cruz Plumbing, our most common service call is for drain cleanings. Our plumbers are professional and efficient at getting your drain problems solved fast. We have top quality equipment such as camera lines to diagnose issues and professional grade snakes to clear lines.

Call us if you think you may need assistance cleaning your clogged drains, or if you have any other plumbing issues. (831) 425-1131

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