Santa Cruz Plumbing Inc Services: Repiping

When older buildings were built, the plumbing was done with pipes that were made out of galvanized steel material. Santa Cruz Plumbing sees many pipes like this on a regular basis and works with the owners of the building to ensure that the pipes are redone the right way with the right materials that will not corrode. While this process is somewhat lengthy, it is important to get it done by plumbers who you can trust.

Signs Your Building Needs Repiping

A building that was built many years ago and has not had any plumbing updates done to it generally will need repiping done by plumbers. Any professional plumber can tell you whether or not your pipes need to be redone, but there are a few signs that you can easily see for yourself. Rusty pipes will cause you to smell a somewhat metallic odor when you turn on your faucets. Your water may also be discolored with an almost orange tint to it due to the rust. Buildings that have rusting galvanized pipes may also experience many leaks in their pipes. While water pressure can be indicative of many different issues, a sudden drop in normal water pressure could mean that your pipes are becoming rustier.

How To Ensure Repiping Works

The only way to have your building repiped is to have a professional plumber do the repiping. This is something that must be done by plumbers and absolutely cannot be handled on your own. By hiring a plumber, you will be able to guarantee that it is being done the right way. Since this is essentially a complete redo of your plumbing system, you want to make sure that an experienced plumber is doing it right.

Issues That Can Come From Not Repiping

Along with the obvious issues like discolored and bad-smelling water, there are other problems that will accompany rusting pipes. A large number of leaks that happen in the pipes can lead to the flooding of your building, which would require a plumber. Santa Cruz Plumbing has seen many homes and offices that were destroyed because the owners did not have plumbers replace the piping systems when they became too rusted.

Getting The Right Repiping Materials

The choice of materials that you decide with your plumber should be based on what you want your pipes to be able to do and how long you would like them to last. With all of the new options available, you don’t have to worry about using galvanized steel. Iron, copper, PVC piping and polybutylene are just a few of the most popular options available for repiping your building. These options are all readily available with most plumbers and Santa Cruz Plumbing will be able to give you an idea of which plumbing material is the best option for your building. Choosing the right material for your plumbers to repipe your building with, despite the cost, will allow you to have a plumbing system that lasts for many years and gives you the least amount of maintenance.

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