Water and sewer service piping

Santa Cruz Plumbing Inc Services: Sewer lines

One of the essential plumbing operations that Santa Cruz Plumbing provides is our sewer repair and service operation. A problem with your sewage system, whether it is a residential or commercial plumbing issue, can become complex, costly, and messy if left untreated. The sewer lines and drains on your property need to be maintained periodically. At Santa Cruz Plumbing, our job is to dispatch an experienced Santa Cruz plumber to your location who knows how to diagnose and manage any sewage issue you have.

Traditional Repair and Replacement

Each of our residential and commercial plumbers is well versed in sewer line repair. They are trained to use both the “open cut” and "trench" method to reach your pipes and to determine where the plumbing issue is located. During this process, plumbers may utilize a backhoe to uncover pipes and refill holes after the repairs are completed. First we dig a new trench for the excavation and installation. Next our plumbers will take the painstakingly measured pipe and put it in place abandoning the old piping. Then to ensure that the new pipes are in working order, we test the piping for any leaks and to ensure that they fall properly in place.

Why Our Methods Work

The reasons that Santa Cruz Plumbing doesn’t use the common trenchless repair methods, burst pipe repair, or pipe relining processes concern their function and effectiveness. With these methods, sags and/or humps present in the piping will remain and when it comes to removing root intrusions, these methods are usually not completely effective. When it comes to pipe relining, deep extensive excavation points are needed, creating a cluttered mess in the area. Consequently, these issues are why we prefer traditional trenching and replacement as it is more efficient, cost effective, and has better results.

Sewer Camera Inspections

In order to get the job done effectively at Santa Cruz Plumbing, we use high-tech digital cameras to photograph and create a video record of the problem. With this technology, plumbers are able to inspect the interior of piping to scrutinize their condition in terms of ensuring these pipes are properly aligned, that the flow is optimal, and so we can find areas in need of repair.


Another method we use to remove refuse from pipes is hydro-flushing. This technique is a type of pressure washing that involves a high pressure hose going down the problem pipe. This method strips scale and sludge buildup from the sides of pipe, which will improve the liquid flow of the pipe, adding years of life to your plumbing system.

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