Water Heater Sales and Installation

Technician servicing an hot-water heater

At Santa Cruz Plumbing we recognize that having a downed water heater can put your life on hold indefinitely. That’s why our expert plumbing staff has the expertise it takes to diagnose and deal with your water heating issue as efficiently as possible.

Major Signs of Water Heater Damage

Tank Leakage

Water pooling beneath your water heater is a wakeup call. Bad leaks often flow from cracks in tank connections, fittings, and pipes under pressure and need to be repaired. These are often the result of time and wear, but the worst leaks come from corroded cracked tanks which must be replaced.

Hot Water Issues

The first problems most people notice with a broken water heater are weird fluctuations in water temperature. This can be a decrease in hot water or having no hot water at all. These issues can be the result of a faulty thermostat, which means you may only need to replace a part and not an entire heater. Our plumbers can take a closer look and find out if the problem is a heating element, the thermostat, or just a blown out pilot light.

Strange Noises, Smells, And Colors

Other signs of a problematic Water heater can be an assault on the senses. You might smell the stench of rotten eggs out of nowhere, hear the heater make strange noises suddenly, or see a strange rusty color or gritty sediment build up in the flow of water from your tap. An experienced Santa Cruz plumber will know what to look for and how to help.

Replacing Your Water Heater

According to experts the hot water heater in your home is built to last eight to 12 years, and the cost of buying the appliance along with the installation could be within the range of $700-$2000. At Santa Cruz plumbing our sales department offers robust models that corrode less easily, retain more heat, and that are more energy efficient, reducing you homes power bill by 20%.

Our experienced plumbing team is ready to help you select and install a hot water heater that best fits fit your home. Our technicians have the expertise required to get the job done with as little fuss possible letting you and your family get back to your lives. This includes the quick and tidy transportation and installation of supply lines, mounts, and drain pans.

Our team of plumbers can also repair gas, electric and tankless water heaters. We know how to manage venting systems of all sizes and we have an encyclopedic knowledge of current local plumbing codes and city permits.

At Santa Cruz Plumbing we have extensive experience in repairing, maintaining, and installing water heaters. If you are having issues with a water heater in your home call us today at (831) 425-1131.